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Come and test your fitness at the Emirates Dubai 7s

The first taste of Functional Fitness at the Emirates Dubai 7s is here!

Taking place on the 1st-3rd of December 2022, WODON3 is an inclusive fitness competition that caters to the fitness elite looking to be crowned champion right through to the social athlete who wants to push their limits in a fun filled weekend alongside their gym crew.

The need for WODON3 at the Dubai 7s is born out of the increasing synergy between fitness and the existing sports, rugby, netball and cricket, that bring unrivalled excitement to the event both for competitors and spectators.

In true Dubai 7s fashion, the fitness competition will be the ultimate platform for athletes to display teamwork, test their fitness and experience the good time festival vibes from morning until dusk.

Through working with our partners MARCHON and Blk Box fitness, WODON3 will bring a best in class event to the UAE where competitors can celebrate the hard work they put in training each day and show just what their body and mind are capable of on the competition floor.

WODON3 aims to become the pinnacle for local fitness communities and gyms, allowing them to get outside of their four walls and build tighter connections with each other through a shared experience of the event.

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Team Divisions

A Functional Fitness Comp With Divisions For All Abilities
Workouts will range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes and will test all aspects of fitness from strength, power, speed and endurance. They will challenge your ability to communicate and work well as a team. This will be a MIXED team competition with teams being made up of 4 athletes (2 males + 2 females).


When it comes to competing at WODON3 it’s important that you look to challenge yourself, push your limits but above all else, have a good time.
We want to ensure that you choose the division that best represents your current level of fitness and/or previous competition experience.

Four workouts in total are taking place on Friday 2nd of December. This is our entry level division for first time competitors and those who enjoy the more social side of fitness.

For our social athletes, WODON3 provides a fun filled day out alongside your friends and gym partners. There will be plenty of opportunity for hard work and good vibes as well as a huge sense of achievement having given your all throughout the competition.

We see the social division as the perfect way to celebrate your fitness and put all your hard work in the gym to the test. It will provide a true representation of what is working and what areas you can focus on when you get back to the gym.

You should enter in this category if:

  • You are new to fitness competitions
  • You train 2-3 times a week
  • You work in a job outside of fitness
  • You enjoy a challenge

Five events in total, beginning Friday with three events throughout the course of the day and a further two events on Saturday. This is our intermediate level competition, catering to the serious everyday athlete who has a strong background in sports and enjoys the competitive side of fitness.

This division is the perfect place for those of you that enjoy testing both the physical and mental side of your game, it also serves as the perfect stepping stone to the elite division and a good way to measure yourself against the fitness elite.

You should enter in this category if:

  • You have experience with fitness competitions
  • You train 4-5 times a week
  • You have a good sporting background
  • You consider yourself an everyday athlete

Six events in total, beginning on Thursday evening, followed by three events on Friday and two on Saturday. This is our top tier division for athletes who want to test themselves against the best of the best.

We expect all athletes who enter this division to be competent across the board, with an extensive history of training and competing within Functional Fitness.

You should enter in this category if:

  • You have good competition experience
  • You train full time
  • You have a good sporting background
  • You consider yourself an elite athlete
  • There are no holes in your game

We kindly ask that you respect your current abilities and ensure that your team enters the right category to make it a fair and fun competition for all. Any eligibility questions or queries on which team you should enter, please email wodon3@thesevens.ae


This table provides competitors with an understanding of what is required from a skill, strength and fitness perspective for each division.

Competitors in each division should feel comfortable performing the exercises shown for more than three reps and be confident performing movement variations (lifts + carries) with the weights and equipment outlined in the table.

Whilst the exercises shown provide a good example of what to expect within each division; they are not an exhaustive list. However, any other programmed movements will fall within the skills/strength requirements shown.

There will NOT be any handstand variations, muscle ups or barbell snatches.


Compete in wodon3 at the emirates dubai 7s

Who can enter?
Anyone. We have divisions for Social, Open and Elite Fitness participants. All competitions are in teams of four, with two men and two women on each team.

When does it take place?
1st December - Elite Teams only (from 5.00pm)
2nd December - Elite + Open + Social Teams (from 8am)
3rd December - Elite + Open Teams (from 8am)

How do we enter?
Just fill out the form and we will be in touch

How much does it cost?
Team cost - AED 1,800 (+VAT +2.4% Service Fee)
Which gives you access to WODON3 and the entire festival weekend of the Emirates Dubai 7s

How can I get in touch if I have any questions?
Please email 

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Becoming a volunteer at WODON3 is an awesome opportunity for the wider fitness community not only to come and soak up the atmosphere but also to play a vital role in ensuring the success of the event. 

Everyone who joins the team will be given some exclusive merchandise, refreshments in the form of food and drink throughout the weekend and, of course, a ticket to enjoy the entire festival!

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WODON3 is the new kid on the block!!
A fitness event for all abilities to come and enjoy a weekend of competition whilst soaking up the atmosphere at one of the biggest sports and music festivals in the UAE.

From throwing in down on pitch 3 to watching the Rugby World Series in the grandstand, join us for a weekend of fitness and a lifetime of memories. 

With events designed to test your strength, speed, power, endurance and most of all, your ability to work as a team. Rest assured you will leave the event feeling challenged and accomplished.


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